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SO Carpets and Flooring is your head to carpet company for lovely carpet fitters in Chorley at competitive costs. We provide a decision or even come to your home and show you our wonderful assortment of carpet samples for you to settle on. Does something say comfort higher than a luxurious, beautiful, and soft carpet for your home? Then the knowledgeable and best carpet fitters in Chorley, thus solely offer the best quality carpets that not only look and feel nice however are cheap additionally. In our opinion, there’s
something splendidly comforting and homey with our nice carpets.

SO Carpets provides all kinds of carpets and underlays for your house if you need a gorgeous new carpet, then we can provide you associate exceptional carpet fitting services at an inexpensive and competitive value. Our variety of carpets is big and the quality is guaranteed.
There are masses to settle on from, thus despite what Carpet Fitters Chorley vogue or aesthetic you’re trying to find, our knowledgeable carpet fitters are here to assist you to discover the proper carpet for your home or business. All we wish is to take a glance at the samples and place the order you would like.


    We have a team of specialists who will give free, in-home consultation and recommendations once it involves finding and fitting the proper carpet for your home. Our vary of carpets is wide, including

    • Plain Carpets
    • Freckled Carpets
    • Stripy Carpets
    • Carpet Tiles
    • Business Carpets

    Our carpet fitting services in Chorley extend to each residential and business customer. whether or not you wish a carpet for your home or your business premises,  and in our individuals, we provide a large variety in prime quality flooring and Carpet Fitters Chorley to Vinyl or even the artificial grass that caters for each vogue and appearance and at costs that won’t break the bank.

    We thus believe that our costs are the most affordable in the market.
    Our staff has the following smart qualities that are their responsibility.
    Work either on own or as a part of a fitting team to put the carpet or chosen flooring material we leave the client’s property in a very tidy state with no reasons for customer “come-back”

    Our Range of Carpets



    £32.99 sq m
    £23.99 sq m
    £18.50 sq m



    £19.99 sq m
    £12.99 sq m



    £12.50 sq m
    £47.99 sq m
    Out of stock
    £13.99 sq m
    £21.49 sq m
    £21.49 sq m



    £21.49 sq m



    £18.49 sq m
    £23.49 sq m
    £19.49 sq m


    Baronet 30

    £15.49 sq m
    £23.49 sq m
    £28.49 sq m
    £23.49 sq m
    £18.49 sq m
    £23.49 sq m
    £26.49 sq m
    £30.49 sq m
    £17.49 sq m
    £23.49 sq m


    Deep Feelings

    £29.49 sq m



    £21.49 sq m

    Types of carpet installation provided

    In our service, our workers provide the best carpet installation with the experience of many years. The following carpet installations are provided by our team:

    1. Direct glue down carpet installation

    Direct glue down installation is that the most well-liked carpet installation in business settings during this sort of installation, the carpet is affixed to the ground

    2. Double glue down carpet installation

    Often referred to as double-stick installation. this is often just like direct glue-down installation, except that we tend to initial glue a pad to the ground then glues the Carpet Fitters Chorley to the pad. The pad for this sort of installation cannot be any underlayment, however, a densified pad is created specifically for this sort of installation.

    03. Move match Carpet Installation

    A cut-to-fit carpet installation isn’t a bonafide installation. Our installer can cut the carpet to suit an area precisely, however the carpet isn’t hooked up to the ground. The carpet is set loosely over the ground. A cut-to-fit installation is set directly on the ground, or over a pad.

    04. Stretch In Carpet Installation

    Stretch in carpet installation is that the most well-liked installation way in homes. during this installation, strips of wood (called tackless strip) ar nailed (or well-like glued) to the ground around the edges of the area. These strips have many nails that are angulate in towards the wall.

    Why should you choose our company?

    If you are looking for expert workers who are very efficient in their work and are having experience of many years, you are at the right place. We give the best services regarding Carpet Fitters in Chorley installation. The best quality that a customer looks at in the worker is that he manages the time and completes the task on time. We provide cheap carpets in Chorley. Also, our team is very cooperative and works with the best coordination with our customers. All these qualities are very important if you are hiring a company to complete your task. And we assure you the best finishing. Our team works with honesty and our company is an aid to be very good in trust keeping. You will get the best consequences if you hire our well-reputed workers. Just give us a try and enjoy the beat floor carpeting at your home or workplace.