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Carpets Preston are employed in industries and industrial institutions like retail stores and hotels and in-camera homes. Today, an enormous vary of carpets and rugs are accessible at several values and quality levels, starting from Cheap Carpets Preston artificial carpets that e factory-made in factories and employed in industrial buildings to pricey hand-knotted wool rugs that are employed in non-public homes.

So Carpets takes care of everything. Providing the best to our customers is our motto. We have carpets made from the best materials with quality. You can have every kind and type of carpets here at So Carpets.


    So Carpets gives you a long-lasting carpet Fitting Services in Preston, with quality fabrics and beautiful designs according to your need with permanent colours. We have the best services ever. And a specialty about us is that we provide quality carpets at a cheap rate. Our rates are cheap enough that one can easily pay, without having trouble in one’s pocket. It’s a pocket-friendly budget.

    Carpeting is not one term; it’s a system comprising the carpet itself, the carpet backing (often product of latex), the artefact underlay, and a technique of installation. Carpet tiles also are offered, usually fifty centimetre’s (20 in) sq. These are sometimes solely employed in business settings and area unit glued employing a special pressure-sensitive glue, that holds them into place whereas permitting simple removal (in associate degree workplace atmosphere, for example) or to permit arranging to unfold wear. Carpet Fitters Preston offers you the best services in this regard.

    Our Range of Carpets



    £32.99 sq m
    £23.99 sq m
    £18.50 sq m



    £19.99 sq m
    £12.99 sq m



    £12.50 sq m
    £47.99 sq m
    Out of stock
    £13.99 sq m
    £21.49 sq m
    £21.49 sq m



    £21.49 sq m



    £18.49 sq m
    £23.49 sq m
    £19.49 sq m


    Baronet 30

    £15.49 sq m
    £23.49 sq m
    £28.49 sq m
    £23.49 sq m
    £18.49 sq m
    £23.49 sq m
    £26.49 sq m
    £30.49 sq m
    £17.49 sq m
    £23.49 sq m


    Deep Feelings

    £29.49 sq m



    £21.49 sq m

    Carpet fitters Preston offers the following services

    • Arrive at the customer’s site at the selected time and place with safe and sound carpets and tools.
      Work either on their own or a part of a fitting team to put the carpet or chosen flooring material according to client satisfaction.
    • Leave the client’s property in an exceedingly tidy state with no reasons for customer “come-back”.
    • Grantee,  there are not any exposed staples and grip rods, as these are doubtless unsafe to the top user.

    Choosing a new carpet for a room in your home involves more than finding a style in the colour you like. You first will need to consider your lifestyle—what you typically do in that room—location, material, construction, and upkeep. Carpet manufacturers at Preston have responded to homeowners’ desire for great looks, value, and easy maintenance with many innovations and options in recent years.

    The type of fiber used determines the basic performance and appearance of the carpet. The biggest trend today is: soft. Homeowners seek comfort and carpet offers a cushion underfoot. It also suppresses noise. At our company we offer:

    5 Types of Carpet Fibers we offer:

    1. Wool

    Wool, the granddaddy of all soft floorcoverings, retains its legacy of luxury. Natural and made from woven construction, it offers a greater range of designs, detail, and colour than a traditional tufted carpet. Expect good stain resistance as long as you treat it as soon as something is dropped on it. It also has inherent flame retardant characteristics.

    1. Nylon

    Nylon comes a close second to wool in terms of performance and feel, but on average it costs less. This versatile fiber offers plenty of variety in styles and construction: frieze, textured, shag, loop cut loop (LCL) all can be made from nylon. It has excellent soil resistance, colourfastness, and resilience, which allows it to bounce back, making it suitable just about anywhere. Some of it can be recycled once into another nylon carpet if the manufacturer so chooses.

    1. Polypropylene

    Previously called olefin, polypropylene is a solution-dyed synthetic that is both water- and stain-resistant, making it a good choice for indoor/outdoor carpeting. Because it is solution-dyed, it will not fade, making it good for rooms that get a lot of light or traffic from the outside or a chlorinated pool. Because it is less resilient than nylon, it is best used in low-pile Cheap Carpets in Preston such as Berbers (low, loop-pile carpeting with flecks of different colours).

    1. Polyester

    Polyester is noted for its soft hand, or texture, especially when used in a luxurious thick pile. It is a good value choice, as its styling attributes are competitive with nylon—it can be made into a loop or cut loop, and it takes colour extremely well. But it’s not as resilient. Soil-resistant and easy to care for, it’s suitable for bedrooms as well as playrooms.

    1. Triexta

    One of the newest fibers to hit the market, triexta combines the performance characteristics of polyester and nylon: durable, stain and soil-resistant, easy to clean, colourfast, fade-resistant, and soft. Its made from a polymer, 37 percent of which is created from corn, a renewable resource.